Ras Bamba is a unique 250 acres nature park at the coast 20 kilometres south of Dar es Salaam. It may be the only intact coastal eco system left in Dar es Salaam Region, with a large Mangrove tidal estuary, still existing primeval coastal forest and with almost all the original flora and fauna present. The owners are making great efforts of keeping it that way for future generations.

The park also contains a restored 14th century mosque listed as one of the country’s unique treasures in the Cultural Heritage Register of the Ministry of Tourism and Natural Resources.

Besides enjoying the flora and fauna and cultural heritage you can swim at all times, including at low tide, you can anchor your boat off shore, do all sorts of water sports, including kite surfing. You can do nature walks, kayaking in the estuary, etc.

Ras Bamba Eco Lodge was long run by its owners as a boutique lodge and was, while running, the number one speciality lodge in Dar es Salaam at the UK Trip Advisor.

For the time being we are renting it out as a self catering facility. There are four luxury cottages, directly at the beach, which each accommodate two, and there are two guest houses just two minutes from the beach one of which accommodates eight and the other one five. The guest houses are self contained. If you stay in the cottages you can make use of the restaurant and its kitchen. Our staff will ensure that the facilities are clean and operational. They will also provide bedding as per requirement.

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